SPM was founded in 2010 in Estância Velha city, one of the main Brazilian centers of leather processing. SPM has started its activities as a service provider company for this segment. Through the years, however, its founders have realized the Market was searching for more full-complexed solutions in the area. It was when the company started to sell and process leather focusing on its MISSION: Searching for global strategic and sustainable solutions for the leather world. Moreover, the SPM Leathers VISION is being a partner for strategic and sustainable solutions in leather through qualified suppliers and a passionate team. SPM has strategically installed its facilities with a solid planning so that allowing to a qualified and consistent supplying logistics, more flexibility to meet the customers necessities referring to cost and speed while processing. SPM Leather attends both domestic and international Markets exporting to several countries. United by the desire to succeed along with our youth we follow our VALUES which are: Value people, Transparency, Win-win, Long-term vision, Commitment, Quality, Flexibility, Honesty, Determination and Respect. We have the conviction that we can attend our clients in a unique and special way. Know more about our products by accessing our website.

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In order to succeed and have long-lasting results a company needs to build the Sustainability Tripod. It is mandatory to have the Economic, Social and Environmental sectors strengthened and properly balanced, thus it can be said we really have an exemplary and complete company.

SPM Leather seeks to produce along with enterprises which are framed within our vision of Sustainability. With the great support of our suppliers and clients, we aim to improve our tracking system and our products manufacturing every single day.

Seeking to prove the Environmental work inside the company, in 2017 SPM Leather became a member of LWG (Leather Working Group). This group has skilled technicians whose target is developing and keeping an environment auditing protocol which is appropriate to the enterprises to practice a sustainable and accurate business environmentally speaking. Besides, maintaining the standards which are necessary for the Market

Our raw material is acquired with the whole tracking control and produced meeting all the demanded parameters, respecting a list of Restricted Substances which can harm the environment. Every solid residue generated is sent to recycling companies or to a licensed landfill.

91.5% Production data (Flesh/drop splits)
93.45% Production data (Hides ? Top grain split)
100% Production data (Hides ? Full substance)
Trader Type: Category B
Auditor: Mark Lucas, BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd|
Audit Expiry Date: 20/02/2019


Global strategic solutions to a sustainable leather world.


Value People
Favorable Business Environment
Long-term Vision


Being a strategical business partner to sustainable solutions referring to leather. Dealing with suppliers of quality and providing a team passionate about what they do.

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